So where is the tip?

haha, nothing to do with tip of the day..

Rather, I am looking for the tip of the chicken wing…

That is one of my favourite.. but when the lunch is served, the tip is removed. I wonder why?

There are just too many negative reports about chicken wings.. but this is my fav.. haiz..

Anyways, I still eat chicken wings when I feel like it.. 🙂


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Interesting Business to be in?

Some colleagues and I chanced upon a shop during lunch.. a shop that doesn’t have a shop name and no repetition of items. For a moment, we thought it is a second hand shop 🙂And this necklace caught me attention.. I really like it. Do you?
The shop owner, Tara, she speaks with a slang.. not as strong as a british but distinctive enough to tell she is not local. She is a friendly lady and she knows how to impress upon her customers how she can help them in choosing a nice outfit.

What really interest me is the things she brings back from Paris or other parts of Europe. The necklace which I bought, it is the one and only piece in the shop. Same for other clothes too. So for anything that you like, pray hard that the size fit you 🙂 I kind of like Tara kind of shop. Very personalised and exclusive.

I think it is the wish of my gals to do something like Tara. I am not sure of the margin but it will be worthwhile if the profit of the merchandise pay for your travel expense to a destination. I have always wanted to travel and see the world.. why didn’t I think of this? Well, I guess you will need quite a fair bit of capital.. and doing business is really not my forte.

Then again, with the oil prices going up, travel expenses could be increased over time. Travelling to places to make purchases for inventory is some form of globalisation, isn’t it? And with peak oil crisis pressing near, business which operate based on globalisation might be facing alot of challenges. I can’t imagine how our lives will be affected…..

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Back from the sun into the aircon…

The trip to Pulau Perhentian seems so short… but I really enjoyed it..

My 5 other travel mates with our guide standing in the middle…. I am sure you can tell by the difference in skin colour.. haha..

Perhentian Trip

Dive right into work.. not the right time to write too much.. but I will be back to write more 🙂

Meanwhile.. check out some of the pictures which I have uploaded to Flickr..

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Back with a new Blog Engine…

Just moved to a new blog engine.. hope it will be easier to use.

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Hectic hectic day

Hectic hectic day…

But lunch was nice. Good bargains at Parco Bugis Foyer. “Outfitter”.. have you heard of this brand? T-shirts going @ 2 for $20.. heee.. can’t resist the temptation and I bought one of the t-shirts together with Lumpy.

Did lots of talking today.. with clients.. colleagues.. Work have been really stressful recently. Guess it is part and parcel when you are doing sales. First you need to win the deal.. then you need to ensure that the work is done to the client’s satisfaction.. and your job doesn’t end here. Making sure that client is always happy with the on-going service.. not forgetting account management for recurrent biz.

Okie… enough about work.. 🙂 But the night was fun.. I had a durian treat with Angela. We bought a durian and we ate it while we watch Superband. Hee… fun to have someone watch with you and we start commenting about what’s good and what’s bad.. and hey pal.. wasn’t my guess rite :))))

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Start of a new blog

This is my second attempt in starting up a blog.

Today is quite a special day for me. I finally get myself link up to Flickr and the next thing is, I am starting a blog.

I guess there are a couple of reasons why I am starting my blog and Flickr. Recently, I seem to have inclination to do many different things.

It could be some new beliefs… or it is due to the affection I have for my dog.. yoyo..

I hope all these motivating factors will keep me going in blogging 🙂

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